13 Jul

Christmas Online Shop team are so happy to welcome Mark Roberts seasonal dolls and decorations to our new lines this Christmas season, Mark is well known for his beautiful creations of Santa and elf dolls with a twist of vintage style, Mark has a passion when he creates his collection for every season, and if he is not happy with the style or detail Mark will carry on until he is completely happy for the next stage to produce his beautiful collection, Mark Roberts has been going for many years with collectors from all over the world, wanting a doll or ornament from his collection, Each of Mark Roberts dolls are unique numbered making each collection limited in numbers produced. 

Lets talk about Mark Roberts Elf Dolls, each face is beautifully hand sculptured and hand painted some with a cute face others with a cheeky face it all depends on the theme, each doll has false eye lashes and hand painted before going to the next stage, Then Mark designs his dolls that are made from the finest materials with added Crystals and elements that's what makes Mark Roberts special and a fun display for the home decor.  

So why not have a look at our new collection today as only a limited are made worldwide. Start your collection today and make Mark Roberts apart of your home decor this Christmas season. 

Christmas Online Blog is very excited to showcase Mark Roberts stunning handmade christmas decorations including limited edition holiday dolls to stunning Crystal Baubles why not take a look we would love your feedback.

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